RCF PX 2106

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18 ian. 2020, 11:11
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The UHF wireless microphone 2000 series has 16 individual channels. The channels are selected manually at the transmitter and receiver. The system can work with up to 6 channels at the same time. Thanks to the "diversity" circuit in the RX 2006 receiver, it automatically selects the highest-level radio signal that is received from one of the two antennas. This secure that the system gives better reliability and signal cover with less risks of interruptions and interferences. The Squelch control allows you to eliminate eventual undesired radio signal that could be received from the receiver. PX 2106 kit consists of: a RX 2006 receiver (with AC / DC adapter and a 1.5 m cable with 1/4 jack plugs) a PX 2100 body pack transmitter a LA 2004 Lavalier (tie-clip) electret microphone Rack ears to mount a pair of RX 2006 receivers into an unit of a 19 rack cabinet. https://www.casamuzicii.md/rcf-px-2106-4-973

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